Employers Value WGU Washington

WGU Washington offers a flexible, affordable, valuable education that measures graduates on the competencies that matter to employers, and that's why employers regularly report that our alumni meet or exceed expectations.

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The average age of WGU Washington students; ages range from 17 to 77.
WGU Washington's one-year retention rate in 2014; the retention rate at U.S. public four-year institutions was 73%.
of WGU Washington students, in a 2014 survey, said they would recommend WGU Washington.
Washingtonians have earned degrees from WGU.
"WGU Washington's model is founded on flexibility, affordability, and quality. None of the three is sacrificed. In fact, they all work together. I would say to anyone seeking a relevant degree in today's modern, hectic world that WGU Washington is the perfect model." Phyllis Campbell,
Chairman, Pacific Northwest, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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