September 2014

By Kristy Bingham - WGU Washington Class of 2014 WGU Washington alumna Kristy Bingham (second from right) hangs out with Sage the Night Owl and her two sons prior to a Tacoma Rainiers baseball game in June 2014. Kristy Bingham spent many years as a professional print journalist, working in

Are you working harder than ever before? Are you—or your loved ones—worried you’ve turned into a workaholic? Take the following, short quiz to find out if you qualify: Do you typically place work above personal and/or family issues? At a party, do you tell people what you do for a

Bill Gates. Jennifer Aniston. Kermit the Frog? And now… WGU Washington! The staff of WGU Washington ’s Seattle office recently joined the long list of men and women around the globe taking part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The WGU Indiana team laid down the gauntlet and Jean, Lucinda,

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