When Dana Ralph decided run for Kent City Council in 2011, she had to provide information for the voter’s guide. She wrote down that she owned her own business, served as chair of the city’s Land Use and Planning Board, and was named president of the Kent Arts Commission. She

As you get off the elevator on the second floor of BECU’s Tukwila headquarters, you can’t miss the words “Partnership Makes Anything Possible” in big, white and red letters along the wall. For the credit union the largest in Washington and fourth largest in the nation based on assets

Paula Leach made the bold decision to change careers and become – once and for all – a teacher.

The Faculty Friday blog series highlights the powerhouse of our university: our wonderful faculty and staff. Those men and women, including student and course mentors, work hard every day to make sure our students are well-served – through the student experience to graduation and beyond.

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