Night Owls–and Student Mentors–Rock!

WGU Washington Rock

At WGU Washington, we love our student mentors. And we’re incredibly lucky to have so many wonderful and talented mentors living right here in our state.

We recently demonstrated how much we think our Pacific Northwest-based mentors rock by awarding each of them, well, a rock – with a picture of our mascot, Sage the Night Owl, etched into it!

On top of that, we collected quotes from WGU Washington students describing exactly how their student mentors help guide them through their coursework toward a university credential. We’ve shared a few of the comments below, and don’t forget to share with your mentor how much you think they rock!

Austin Cook rocks because he’s a great person and a great mentor. He’s always helpful, knowledgeable and kind. - Kandis B.

Angela Pawlak rocks because she has been very supportive. She always presents me with several options to help me get through a difficult situation. Thanks, Angela! - Keith K.

Buck Buchanan rocks because he was able to get me to refocus and realize I wasn't a failure after failing my first pre-assessment.  His extra emails and unexpected phone calls to check on me were great. - Susan V.

Barbara Benson rocks because she has encouraged and pushed me – and through decision analysis and financial analysis, practically dragged me kicking and screaming – to excel in the program and progress through my courses and tasks efficiently. As a result, I am going to graduate early.        - Kristen K.

Christina Spade rocks because she cares and knows exactly how to motivate me. - Jennifer J.

Christine Vougiouklis-Thome rocks because she believed in me when I was going through a couple of tough periods during my first term at WGU. Thanks Christine. - James J.

Caroline Juedes rocks because she’s been a great support during the last leg of my HR degree. She is a great student mentor and friend. - Nate B.

Cory Bedingfield rocks because he’s a great asset to WGU Washington. Many times you have said great job to me, but now it's my turn to say excellent work. It is a pleasure to work with you. - John O.

Cathy Taylor rocks because she is always supportive and calm, especially when I'm panicking. She always gives the best advice, and I always look forward to her phone calls. YOU ROCK CATHY!!! - Grace C.

Dana Ingram rocks because she had faith in my ability to complete my classes – allowing me to accelerate at the speed I wanted. - Beth D.

Erin Lee rocks because, no matter how crazy my life is, she is always able to make her schedule fit mine. She’s always supportive of me even when I am not. - Amanda L.

Ginny Wallace rocks because she’s encouraged me, chastised me, cheered for me, and she is the absolute best mentor ever. - Holly V.

Gwen Doyle rocks because she really knows what she is talking about! She has great advice and pushes me to work hard to achieve my goals. - Meagan M.

Heidi Vallencourt totally rocks because she is supportive, realistic, and pushes me to stay on task.  She celebrates my successes and continually encourages me. She is AWESOME and a ROCK STAR!           - Cheri P.

Joann Park rocks because she is always there for me and provides that extra bit of motivation I need to keep me going.  Her positive attitude and bright outlook help keep my stress level down. Thanks Joann! - Amanda T.

Jonathan Shirts rocks because he is a constant in my hectic life. I couldn't ask for a better mentor. - Amber C.

Kalin Briggs rocks because she gave clear instructions and excellent advice on which classes to take and when. She helped me graduate ahead of my timeline goal, without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. - Matt D.

Katie Omri rocks because she seems to know what I need before I do. - Derek H.

Kezia Prater rocks because – no matter day or night – she’s always there when I need her. She's like my little guardian angel! - Sarah B.

Kikuyu Calhoun rocks because he’s a great mentor. He keeps me motivated, but doesn't ever push me too hard. He answers my questions and supports the decisions I make about school. - Katy Jo B.

Kristen Kennedy rocks because she has my back! - Kelsee A.

Leigh Squires rocks because she always finds a way to compliment me and lift my spirit!  - Aimee H.

Lidiya Yanusheva rocks because she has a sense of humor that helps me get through tough assignments. - Tyler K.

Maria Hays rocks because she cares like a friend, encourages me like a coach, and guides me like a compass. Thank you Maria! - Anna S.

Mikki Naught rocks because she’s an outstanding mentor. She heaps on lots of praise and encouragement, but also knows when to get "tough" and get me back on track to meet my goals. - Jane B.

Myra Rossman rocks to the moon and back for being the voice I need exactly when I need it. Whether it is encouragement, advice, or perspective on the bigger picture, she is always there and ready to help with sincere kindness. I truly feel that she is fully invested in my success. - Ellen B.

Nicole Sandburg rocks because she helped me rediscover the joy of learning. I wouldn’t be where I am today without your support. - Sean A.

Robert Allison rocks because he’s always upbeat and motivating… and you sound like President Obama. - Kalea Q.

Robert Hyde rocks because he gives me countless resources to succeed. You’re amazing, Robert! - Michele W.

Sandra Willet rocks because she is a wonderful mentor. She is encouraging and thoughtful. Thank you so much for all your support, Sandra. - Rhonda P.

Sheila Clark rocks because she’s understanding and thoughtful. When we identify an obstacle, she’s always quick with a useful solution. - Jake R.

Seth Golla rocks because he’s always prepared, is in tune with what I’m working on, and knows exactly what I need to do next. - Lucinda T.

Sherry Lawler-Mowry rocks because she’s always super encouraging. - Tricia E.

Vikki Carter rocks because she refuses to let me fail!!! - Jeremy “J.J.” B.

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