Happy National Nurses Week! We’re happy to celebrate our state’s hard-working health professionals. Our College of Health Professions produces highly qualified, outstanding nurses, and we’re proud of the work our BSN and MSN students and graduates do for their patients. The competency-based degree programs we offer emphasize students’ ability to

Happy National Nurses Week! Congratulations to all WGU Washington nursing students! We commend you and thank you for serving your communities so ably. As a way to celebrate National Nurses Week and reach out to other RNs who may be thinking about returning to school, we have established the WGU

By Jean Floten, Chancellor, WGU Washington I was honored earlier this month to participate in the Washington Nursing Action Coalition Conference, where I introduced a good friend of the WGU family of online schools, Dr. Linda Burnes-Bolton. She’s the Vice President for Nursing, Chief Nursing Officer, and Director of Nursing

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