WGU Washington Partners with Sea Mar


Partnership Benefits for Sea Mar-affiliated Employees and Center Directors

  • 5% discount on tuition for two terms
  • Eligibility to apply for the WGU Healthcare Partner Fund Scholarship. This competitive scholarship, valued up to $2,500, can be used in addition to the 5 percent tuition discount.

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Thank you for your interest in WGU Washington, a proud partner with the Sea Mar Community Health Centers. As the state’s only online, competency-based, nonprofit online university, WGU Washington offers accredited degree programs designed to enhance job skills and improve career opportunities.

WGU Washington and Sea Mar have joined forces to establish the “Growing from Within” Initiative, which is:

  • Designed as an educational collaborative to address nursing workforce shortages.
  • Intended to meet the ongoing education and administrative leadership needs for Sea Mar's future workforce development.

This partnership provides employees and directors of community health centers like you who affiliated with the Sea Mar with superior nursing and healthcare management degree programs that allow you to achieve your career goals and further your education without rearranging your life or compromising your current position.

WGU Washington is a nonprofit university

Nonprofit means many things, but to us, nonprofit stands for 1) an unparalleled investment in student success; 2) Low tuition, meaning less debt; 3) A focus on graduation, not tuition; And 4) an emphasis on ensuring that WGU is the right fit for your goals and needs.

WGU Washington is competency-based and measures learning, not time

At WGU Washington, our focus is on making sure you have the skills and knowledge you need to be successful. By utilizing a competency-based approach to education, WGU enables you to leverage the “competencies” you already possess to potentially complete your program faster—and for less money, too.

WGU Washington is respected and offers relevant degree programs

WGU Washington offers a rigorous, relevant education that’s designed by experts from industry and academia which prepares you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a consummate professional in your field.

WGU Washington is affordable

Tuition at WGU Washington is among the most affordable in the country—typically half what you’d pay at a traditional campus-based university or another online school. Plus, WGU Washington only charges tuition at a flat rate every six months (not per credit). You’ll only pay for the time you need to complete your degree requirements. The faster you progress, the more you save.

WGU Washington is flexible

For schedules that demand flexibility, WGU Washington is the smarter choice. Course material can be accessed at the time and place convenient for your schedule. You can progress at a pace that enables you to earn a college degree while managing your career, family, and life’s other challenges.

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