Remote Assessment Delivery

webcam for online degree program testing

Remote, Proctored Testing via Webcam

In the spirit of our mission to expand access to higher education, WGU Washington allows you to complete most of your objective exams (tests) in the comfort of your own home through remote proctoring using a webcam.

The webcam (picture at right) will be sent to you in your new student package you'll receive at the beginning of your first term. The cost of the webcam is included in tuition.

What Remote Assessments Mean For You

Remote assessments (and remote proctoring made possible by the webcam) mean you’ll be able to advance through your degree program without the need to travel to a proctored testing facility. This gives you greater flexibility in terms of scheduling and time to complete the requirements of your online degree program.

Establishing a Quiet Study Space for Remote Assessments

Establishing a quiet, secure study space can make a world of difference when it comes to maximizing study time. After all, the space you study in (and take tests) can impact how well you retain information, how quickly you are able to work through material, and how well you perform the tasks set in front of you.

A quiet, secure study space is also a necessity if you wish to utilize the new webcam and taking your assessments remotely. You will need to ensure that there are no interruptions in this space during your test-taking process. (For example, if your kids run into the room while you’re taking the test, the test will shut down immediately.)

For more specifics about remote assessments and proctoring, speak to an Enrollment Counselor.
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